Saturday, August 20, 2011

Trained In Detroit YouTube Channel

Michigan Mixed Martial Arts is growing at a rapid rate that has spread across the state. The popularity of MMA has reached a all time high and continues to climb as fight fans contribute to the demand.

With-in the Detroit city walls and surrounding suburbs of the original, once capital of the State of Michigan, Detroit holds a certain level of respect and loyalty for the sport of MMA.

The athletes that train here are exposed to higher learning and taught respect, honor and loyalty among the many benefits the high caliber training facilities have to offer.

With 2-3 venues being hosted each weekend here in the state, there's only a small hand full of promotions that meet the required expectation of the State, the athletes and the fight fans that reside here in Michigan.

With a pending legislation too regulate amateur MMA here in the state, the one thing that will never change is the mentality of our athletes and the right to represent and to be " Trained In Detroit."

View the NEW! YouTube Channel here!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Garage Muscle Attends Benefit For Fallen Officer:

By: Ryan S. Spiteri

On Sunday 07,2011 Garage Muscle attended a benefit for a fallen Oakland County Sheriff Officer, Rick Cigile. Rick’s story is unique and his family remains strong and confident of Rick making a full recovery from his injuries.

Garage Muscle first got wind of this benefit and Rick’s story via Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) of Michigan, where Ryan S. Spiteri Owner and Founder of Garage Muscle works as an active volunteer and committee board member.

Fellow officer on the force, Shannon Giffins reached out with the intention of making a difference and helping the Ciglie family during this hard struggle. Below is her touching email:

“To whom it may concern,

This email is in regards to a benefit we are doing for Deputy Rick Cigile from the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. Rick has been a Deputy with us for 23 yrs and was in our Alcohol Enforcement Unit for 14 of those years.

On June 21, 2011 Rick was in Florida vacationing with his wife and three son's. While Rick was teaching his son's how to body surf, a second wave hit him causing him to hit his head on the ocean floor. His son's pulled him from the ocean and began CPR on him along with others at the scene.

Rick spent a week in a hospital in Florida on a ventilator, tracheotomy, sedated with a feeding tube, two broken vertebrae's C4 and C5 which is commonly known as a broken neck, dislocated shoulder, liver and kidney damage.

Rick's wife spent day's trying to get the insurance company to have him med-flight to U of M Hospital so that he could be closer to home to recover where his family and friends are. Also, she wasn’t happy with the medical treatment they were providing. The insurance company refused to pay to have him med-flight.

On June 29th, 2011 Rick's wife had him med-flight from the Florida Hospital to U of M Hospital in Michigan. Due to the Insurance Company refusing to pay, she had to pay $14,500.00 to have him brought to Michigan.

On July 6, 2011 I visited him in ICU. He's on a ventilator a couple hours a day, he still had the tracheotomy, he's eating a little and talking. He is currently paralyzed from the chest down and has limited use of his arms. He has a blood clot in one arm.

He recalls the whole incident. He was body surfing attempting to catch a 12 foot wave to show his boys how to ride the waves. Rick said he seen another large wave coming and it smashed his head into the ocean floor. He said he clearly remembers hitting the bottom and hearing his neck snap. He said his neck snapped, he seen a bright lightning bolt, bright lights and knew he was drowning. He said he could not breathe or move and knew he was paralyzed. He remembers telling himself to hold his breath as long as he could and then he blacked out.

Again, this email is in regards to the Benefit we are having for Rick Cigile on August 7, 2011 at Boomer's Roadhouse in Waterford MI. I'm sending this email to see if the MADD Foundation would be interested in donating towards the benefit.

Thank you for your time,

Deputy Shannon Giffin #648”

The benefit was very successful; Boomer’s roadhouse was packed wall to wall in respects to Officer Rick Cigile. It was very overwhelming to see people showing up by the car load and to have great people in attendance wiling to help the cause at any price.

With 50/50 raffles in full swing and silent auctions building up to record values, the event came to a close at 10pm wrapping up a solid 7hrs of continued support for the Cigile family. The benefit was a huge success and raised $27,000 just at last nights gathering. Overall since the accident, the total raised is $58,000.

In attendance was over 650 people and Deputy Cigile really surprised everyone by showing up to the benefit. His nurses drove him and he graced everyone with his presence for about 1 1/2 hrs. Nobody knew he was coming not even his family!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Refereeing Seminar Done Deal

With Mixed Martial Arts increasing in popularity all over the world, the need for good solid officials is in demand.

Join and current UFC referee Marc Fennell on Saturday September 10, 2011 from 8am-5pm for Marc's nationally recognized refereeing seminar.

Marc is 1 of 6 approved trainers via Association of Boxing Commissions and currently officiates for the world renowned Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC) and several other professional/amateur promotions across the United States.

The seminar is a 1 day course and will teach each registered participant the; Unified Rules of MMA, Refereeing Mechanics and Positioning, Situation Coaching and LIVE! role playing with actual athletes.

Upon completion of the training program, each participant will gain recognition and creditably via the Association of Boxing Commissions.

If you're interested in becoming involved with the great sport of mma, this is a great way to start. The training you'll receive via this seminar, is recognized and honored in any state within the United States. Best of all, you'll get paid doing it! This is a reasonable investment and great second income opportunity.

The seminar has limited space available, to ensure that every registered participant gets the attention needed.

The total value of this elite seminar training course is $350.00 BUT FOR THIS ONE TIME ONLY THE COST OF THE SEMINAR IS $125.00 (Credit Cards, Checks and Money Orders Accepted.)

Each interested participant is subject to Register and pay in full, prior to the selected seminar date. Each registered participant will receive a FREE! Trained In Detroit t-shirt ( registered trademark of Garage Muscle). and will also receive two tickets to "Brawl In The Fall" September 10,2011 at 7:00pm located at the Meadow Brook Music Festival in Rochester Hills, MI. Hosted by Donofrio Ent. and Impact Fight League.

Gym clothes attire is ideal but, not required. Please be sure to dress comfortable enough to move quickly and frequently.

This seminar is approved by the Association of Boxing Commissions and The State Athletic Commission.

For more details regarding this seminar please call
1(248) 808-9514

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TXC Summer Fest Post Report:

By: Ryan S. Spiteri

Triple X Cagefighting hosted the 1st annual Summer Fest venue at the beautiful Uptown Grille in Commerce Township,MI this past weekend on Saturday 23, 2011. With the forecast calling for rain, there was no obstructing loyal TXC fight fans and local residents from coming out and having a great time.

As valet became busy, people started to line up out side of the entrance anxiously waiting to gain entry to yet another great show put together by TXC, with the help of the Uptown Grille staff. As the doors opened at 5:00pm sharp, within just under an hour the grounds quickly filled.

With local vendors aligned around the perimeter of the event, Garage Muscle drew an immense amount of attraction releasing the growing line of “Trained In Detroit” apparel and debuting the new TXC Undisputed red carpet backdrop, giving some added leverage to the TV Show “TXC MMA Undisputed” that airs every Sunday evening at 11pm on MY TV20.

(Pictured Above: Otis and Amadeo from Team LeJits)

With professional athletes such as; Kara Ro, Scott Bickerstaff, Todd Allee, Don Richards and several other high caliber athletes and VIP’s in attendance, the scenery became overwhelming with excitement quickly, knowing that you had already gotten your money worth before the show even started.

With a loaded card, the first punch was thrown promptly at 7:30pm starting the festivities. Though Mother Nature was brewing her own storm in the sky above, the real squall was inside of the cage below under the lights. One bomb after another, fight fans were exposed to tapouts, knockouts and on one occasion a corner men throwing in the towel, as the intensity climbed and stakes became higher.

In all, TXC rebelliously challenged Mother Nature to a duel, with the full intention of giving Michigan fight fans a solid action packed display of good clean talented mixed martial arts. In the end it’s not about who won or lost but, about what you learned as an athlete or spectator making your next visit more electrifying.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Refereeing Seminar Coming To Metro Detroit

The popularity of mixed martial arts has increased dramatically here in Michigan and all across the United States. Children and young adults of all ages are becoming more in tune to the sport and have developed a knowledge of the rules and technicalities to further their personal satisfactory.

While the pro sector still remains at a minimum here in Michigan, the amateur divison continues to grow and give birth to new venues monthly, which can only mean one thing, the need for officials is required.

Garage Muscle and Marc Fennell have joined forces with Joe Battaglia and Al Low of Fight Club Proving Ground to offer Michiganders and any interested person(s) the opportunity to become apart of Michigan MMA by participating in the upcoming MMA Refereeing Seminar.

The seminar will be coordinated by nationally recognized Ultimate Fighting Championship referee Marc Fennell. Fennell is an elite official to the cage and is 1 of 6 approved trainers in the United States via the Association of Boxing Commissions. His knowledge and accuracy is demonstrated as flawless, with his number one priority being focused on the athletes safety. Aside from the UFC, Fennell also does amateur venues here in the state such as Impact Fight League via Donofrio Entertainment.

The seminar will welcome both male and female participants 18yrs+ who are looking to further their knowledge and involvement within the MMA field. Interested person(s) will be subject to register prior to the scheduled date of the seminar, limited space is available so registration should be completed immediately to be granted acceptance.

The introduction of class will be presented via power point presentation, then Finnish with a complete coverage of the unified rules of MMA, fundamentals and positioning , LIVE! role playing and more. Gym cloths attire is recommended for the added comfort by not required.

Upon completion of the course, you will gain the recognition and credentials via the Association of Boxing Commissions, putting you two steps ahead of other officials and one step away from earning extra cash each week, while enjoying the greatest most popular sport in the country.

Michigan is in demand for good certified officials, this is a $350.00 value being offered to you for $125.00. This is a great opportunity to gain professional knowledge and a nationally recognized certification at an incredible price.

Date and Time is still to be determined. Contact Garage Muscle for more details at: 1(248) 808-9514

Now Accepting Pre-Registration participants!

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TXC On My TV!!!

By:Ryan S. Spiteri

Triple X Cagefighting (TXC) has created one strong barrier here in the Metro Detroit area. While making an impressively strong impact on fight fans bringing them sold out venues at classy establishments and supplying Michigan athletes with solid career opportunities, this doesn't leave much room for other organizations to grow, in fact, it's discouraged other promoters and has forced one in particular to liquidate all assets.

Sunday July 10,2011 was the primer of the NEW! TV series TXC MMA Undisputed on MY TV 20. The show is scheduled for 12 weeks and will introduce Michigan MMA in a professionally organized set expressing honor,respect and most importantly fighter safety.

TXC MMA Undisputed will serve as a proving ground for the athletes that chose to compete andfor viewers, you will gain a complete understanding and accurate knowledge of mixed martial arts as every fan, athlete or person of interest should retain.

Triple X Cagefighting is literally rolling out the red carpet for their guests, July 23, 2011 TXC is hosting the 1st Annual Summer Fest at the Uptown Grille in beautiful Commerce Township. With the cameras rolling and the red carpet flashing, anything can happen and anyone could show, who knows, maybe you'll be on TV!

Tune in every Sunday Night 11pm for TXC MMA Undisputed on My TV 20.

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Brawl In The Fall Coming in September

Posted By: Ryan S. Spiteri

Written By: Donofrio Satff

The event voted "Best Outdoor Show" of the season returns to the Meadow Brook Music Festival on the campus of Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, on Saturday, September 10, 2011. "BRAWL IN THE FALL" will highlight all the current Title Belt holders in all weight classes defending their Impact Fight League Championship status. Donofrio MMA and the Impact Fight League will proudly present all your favorite fighters from Michigan and beyond in one night in one cage at "Brawl in the Fall".

Join the thousands of Mixed Martial Arts enthusiasts as they sit in comfort in Michigan's best outdoor show. All seats are covered in the pavilion within Meadow Brook Music Festival. Meadow Brook Music Festival is the summer home to The Detroit Symphony and for years has featured many great live shows as well as Donofrio Boxing and Donofrio MMA events. Stay tuned for more exciting news and the bout line up!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

MMA Vendor Conflict

By: Ryan S. Spiteri

The sport of MMA has attracted all kinds of different flavors of people, most of which are trying to make a dollar within the industry by; promoting venues, establishing clothing and other apparel, selling tickets and even competing as an athlete. Aside from the dishonorable promoters damaging the sport here in Michigan, there’s another issue that persists within the business and continues to spread all over the state; Vendors that skip out on their required booth fee.

Michigan is headquarters to several different clothing apparel company’s that sell a variety of MMA related gear such as, T-shirts, fighter shorts, hats, gloves and other miscellaneous items. These vendors are also referenced too as “Sponsors” and are often present at most of the venues in the state.

Most event promoters will give clearance to a vendor and allow them permission to set up their display on scene and participate in the show as an active sponsor. In return, the vendor is charged a small booth/table fee that can range from as low as $100.00 to as high as $1,000.00.

Over the past several months, local promoters have reported that vendors are quickly packing up and leaving the event without paying the negotiated booth fee. Josh Lawrence, President and Promoter of Genesis Fighting Championship says he’s had it happen to him once, just a few months ago and as a result he’s made it mandatory for all vendors to pay their fees before the start of the show.

In conclusion, these untrustworthy vendors are truly a disgrace to the business and should be called out on their act of poor business ethics and declined entrance to any of the MMA venues in the state. If you can’t find a way to market and make your product successful, then change your direction and select a new career

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


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Doors: 6:00 PM Show: 7:00 PM
Windsor, Ontario – Professional Fighting Championships is proud to present BORDER WARS: Round 1.  East meets West in an explosive battle of champions.  Travis Briere, the 170 lb Champion from Alberta, faces off against Chris “The Menace” Clements, the 170 lb Champion of Quebec representing Adrenaline Training Centre in London, Ontario, for the 170 lb PFC Title.  Make sure not to blink as “The Menace” is a known headhunter and holds the world record for fastest KO, with a 3 second KO to his credit.  Chris “The Polish Hammer” Horodecki is being considered as the next big Canadian star to come out of the Great White North. We are extremely excited to announce that we will be bringing “The Polish Hammer” to Windsor in the best MMA venue in the country, the WFCU Centre, for Ontario fight fans. 

Additionally, we will bring Windsor and Ontario fans the highest number of local stars and fighters.  We are working hard to bring you the best of the best when it comes to future talent and we will deliver on that end like no other organization out there.  Windsor will see local fighters in our cage.   Ali “The Monster” Mokdad is back fighting at home again after his impressive and dominant finish on April 8th against MFC fighter Andres Spang.  Chucky “The Energiza Bunny” Mady is coming off of a huge win in London, Ontario after beating a talented ground specialist at his own game and submitting the grappling champion after only 2 minutes & 22 seconds in the first round.  Chucky will be back looking to build on this impressive win, going for two straight wins in his home province and trying to pick up his first win in his hometown.

Local talents Kyle Prepolec and Blake Nash, from Maximum Training Centre, are both also coming off of big debut wins in Quebec and we have signed both of these future stars to fight at home.  Kyle takes on former teammate and the recently #1 ranked amateur lightweight in Michigan, Theo “The Poetic Hitman” Toney.  And Blake will be facing ex-Spitfires enforcer and a mountain of a man, Jeff Kugel.  Kugel is a fighter who defeated Butterbean in his professional debut and as Spitfires fans know well, he loves to fight!  This highly-anticipated event will take place Saturday July 16th, at the WFCU Centre in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. More details will be announced shortly.

Tickets for BORDER WARS, Round 1 start at $35 and there are limited VIP Floor seats available at $199.00.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

MAYHEM After Math

By: Ryan S Spiteri

The Palace of Auburn Hills was MAYHEM this past Saturday night. Donofrio Ent. in association with Impact Fight League hosted yet another spectacular event, putting on display some of Michigan’s finest talent.

With 16 scheduled fights, the event moved very smoothly keeping fans on edge, nervously waiting to see what was in store next.

The night ended with a classic history making bout between Shameer Garcia and Lee Trombly. This main event was exciting, consistent action from both athletes; Garcia had the upper hand with a TKO mid-way through the second round. Garcia remains the heavyweight champion for Donofrio Ent.

Donofrio’s next event will be in association with Triple X Cagefighting May 21, 2011 “Beatdown” being held at the beautiful Dow Event Center in Saginaw, MI.

Details on this event still to come.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Michigan Looks to Regulate Amateur MMA

By: Ryan S. Spiteri/ Garage Muscle LLC.

Well the time has arrived here in Michigan, someone needed to do something for the safety of our amateur mixed martial artist competing and Dave Agema (Grandville, MI) is doing just that. The Michigan State Representative has put together and presented a Bill (House Bill 4295) to regulate amateur mma venues.

Agema is in favor and sponsors the legislation creating a seven member council commission under the Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG), to regulate the progressing sport of amateur mixed martial arts.

After attending several amateur mixed martial arts events across Michigan before presenting his bill, Rep. Agema was unpleasant with his research, having had a terrible experience in Grand Rapids, MI, furthering his motivation and reasoning for the regulation to be put in place.

Professional mma is already regulated here in the state and follows along the same format as pro boxing. House Bill 4295 would set standards such as: Specific Licensing, Required levels of Medical Insurance and firm guidelines for referees and judges. Any person(s) found in violation of any of the requirements established, will be subject to criminal penalties and prosecuted.

More on this story still to come!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Michigan Summer Slam

By: Ryan S. Spiteri

The weather is breaking, signifying another great Summer season of Mixed Martial Arts here in Michigan. With organizations such as Donofrio Ent. Impact Fight League, and Triple X Cagefighting all hosting individual events, imagine the damage done if the two teamed up bringing fight fans one solid show.

Kicking off the first of the two is Triple X Cagefighting bringing you TXC 25 “Battle in the Burbs”. With the doors opening up at 6:30pm Saturday April 30, 2011, Vladimir’s Banquet Hall in Farmington Hills, MI will play host to the first TXC Live venue. With 15 scheduled bouts, the event will be aired LIVE! on pay-per-view at and then later aired on My TV 20 Detroit.

After fight fans heat up from TXC 25, the Fight Boss himself, Joseph Donofrio keeps the fire going adding more fuel to the flame as he welcomes you back to The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, MI on May 7th. With another stacked card, you can expect to see Michigan’s top amateur athletes collide bringing the venues title to life, “MAYhem at the Palace.” With special guest, The WRIF’S Erotic 8 WRIF Girls signing autographs, taking photos and participating as ring girls for the evening, this event is sure to blast you away.

With two events down, this is just a taste of what’s ahead in the coming weeks, stay tuned for the other release dates and don’t miss out on the Grand Finally…

Box Office:

TXC 25 Battle in the Burbs

MAYhem at the Palace

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Maximum Fight League

By: Ryan S. Spiteri

Maximum Fighting Championship is one of the longest running mixed martial arts promotions holding the number 2 spot just under, the well known Ultimate Fighting Championship organization (UFC).

MFC Founder and President, Marc Pavelich says “MFC was founded 11yrs ago, some people say that MFC is number 3 or 4 but, were the number 2 spot under the UFC. Everyday I wake up and think about whats best for Maximum Fighting Championship, how to make the lanyards look better, how to make the seats look better and the overall presentation of the event. I don’t worry about the competitors.”

The organization originated in Alberta, Edmonton and continues to grow it’s success across the country of Canada. Some of the venues are aired on The Fight Network and HDNet in North America also.

Over the course of 11yrs, Maximum Fighting Championship has been called home to several notable fighters such as; Antonio Mc Kee , Dean Lister, David Heath, Douglas Lima, Luciano Azevedo, Pete Spratt, Ryan Jimmo, Tom Watson , Jason McDonald, Ben Henderson, Paul Daley Thales Leites and Wilson Gouveia just to name a few.

MFC was most recognized for their athletes competing in a ring, rather then a cage shaped octagon. This gave spectators a better view and photographers the clarity they were out to capture. With the MFC employing the rules of the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, the promotion was forced to convert to using a cage starting April 9th 2011, for the MFC 29 card in Windsor, Ontario.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

MFC: 29 Conquer - Fighter Line Up Set

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The Battle is On!  MFC: 29 Conquer presented by S.L. Feldman & Associates unveils an exhilarating Fighter Line-up
Final Card details are revealed

Windsor, ON S.L. Feldman & Associates (SLFA) is thrilled to announce the final lineup for MFC 29: Conquer at The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor on Friday, April 8 at 8 pm. In the night’s co-main events, two reigning MFC champions will put their titles on the line for the first time. Welterweight champion Douglas “The Phenom” Lima (17-4), one of the MFC’s brightest young stars, defends his crown against seasoned veteran “Dangerous” Terry Martin (21-8).

Lima, who fights out of Atlanta, Georgia, has won five straight matchups including his bid for the vacant title at MFC 27 when he scored a stunning third-round submission win over Jesse Juarez. Lima has an exceptional arsenal at his disposal, as he has shown outstanding submission skills but also a willingness to set strikes off like fireworks. He will face the heavy-handed Martin, whose lengthy resume is highlighted with knockout victories over Jorge Rivera and Ivan Salaverry.

In SLFA’s MFC 29: Conquer’s other title fight, Ryan “The Big Deal” Jimmo (14-1) defends his
MFC world light-heavyweight title as he takes on former champ, Emanuel “The Hardcore Kid” Newton (14-6-1).

Jimmo, who is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and now fights out of Edmonton, Alberta, is currently riding one of the most impressive winning streaks in all of mixed martial arts. He has not lost since his professional debut and since then has racked up victories over such sport notables as Wilson Gouveia, Marvin Eastman, and Jesse Forbes. Jimmo, a precision tactician with dangerous striking ability, captured the 205-pound title at MFC 28 with a third-round TKO of Dwayne Lewis.

Newton will be looking to not only recapture his title but also gain a measure of revenge for a unanimous decision loss to Jimmo at MFC 23. The Long Beach, California, native claimed the MFC light-heavyweight title at MFC 19, with a decision win over Roger Hollett, but lost the crown to Trevor Prangley at MFC 21. An always rugged customer, Newton has shown a greater array of striking and submission skills of late to offset his wrestling talents.

In one lightweight matchup, MFC newcomer Marcus “The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis (17-8), one of the truly treacherous strikers in mixed martial arts, squares off against frenzied hell-raiser Curtis “The Demon” Demarce (10-8). Davis, a native of Bangor, Maine, is a devastating power puncher, who sports an 11-fight winning streak on his resume that features wins over Forrest Petz, Shonie Carter, Paul Taylor, and Jess Liaudin. He’ll get all he can handle in Brandon, Manitoba’s Demarce who thrives on intense battles. Demarce was runner-up for the 2010 MFC Submission of the Year and narrowly missed out on a stunning upset in a wild tilt with Richie Whitson at MFC 28.

In the other standout lightweight tilt, veteran Hermes “The Unreal” Franca (20-11) takes on hard-hitting Robert "The Beast" Washington (9-2). Franca, who trains in Orlando, Florida, will make his long-awaited MFC debut, and the Brazilian has an accomplished track record with wins over Marcus Aurelio, Spencer Fisher, and Nate Diaz. Washington, who steps in to replace injured Drew Fickett, began his career with an eight-fight winning streak and holds five knockouts on his resume. The East St. Louis, Illinois, product, who is a former U.S. Navy petty officer, dropped a narrow split-decision verdict to Tyrone Glover at MFC 27 in his organizational debut.

These two full-throttle lightweight fights are sure to be rivals for the “Fight of the Night”, but both have the potential to become the MFC “Fight of the Year” as well.

Two veteran welterweights will meet in another main-card battle at SLFA’s MFC 29: Conquer, when Pete “The Secret Weapon” Spratt (21-19) takes on Demi Deeds (15-8). Spratt is a well-respected veteran from San Antonio, Texas, with lightning-quick strikes which he demonstrated in his 2009 MFC Knockout of the Year performance against Nathan Gunn. Opposing him will be Deeds, who fights out of Des Moines, Iowa, and has managed 14 finishes in 15 victories.

The HDNet Fights-televised main card will open with a standoff between two young middleweight prospects as Andreas “The Sweet Swede” Spang (4-0) meets home-town hero Ali “The Monster” Mokdad (3-0). Spang, who is originally from Sweden but now fights out of Las Vegas, is one of the MFC’s newest finds, while Mokdad will have his supporters from Windsor, Ontario, backing him.

The undercard of SLFA’s MFC 29: Conquer will feature several fighters from Southern Ontario. In the most prominent matchup; Windsor, Ontario’s own Josh Taveirne will take on Atlanta’s Dhiego Lima, the younger brother of MFC welterweight champ Douglas Lima.

MFC Fighter Line Up
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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Hurricane Strikes Again!

By: Rye S. Spiteri

Garage Muscle had the honors once again to be apart of the Genesis Fighting Championship venue as a sponsor, this past Saturday night at the Gibraltar Trade Center in Mt. Clemons, MI.

The card was stacked with 18 solid matched fights and more beautiful women in one area then you could image but, that wasn’t the only attraction turning heads for the night!

The Garage Muscle booth lit up the venue in style, showing off the new sexy red carpet fan attraction. With over 1200 watts of fluorescent lighting flooding the booth, everyone was witness to the popularity of Garage Muscle.

If that didn’t turn your head, then Garage Muscle sponsored athlete Muhammad Abdullah and his performance capturing yet another 185lbs championship belt did.

On Saturday night there were reports of a hurricane forming in Southeast Michigan. As the tension grew closer to inland, as did the strength of this powerful storm. As Chris Lusch set sail making his entrance to the cage, it was just a matter of minutes before the hurricane Abdullah would travel inland and destroy everything in his path.

As the severe weather bell sounded, Abdullah and Lusch rounded the cage exchanging blows evenly. Muhammad connected several times to Lusch’s face and gained/remained in complete control of Lusch connecting with knees, punches and takedowns winning the first round.

As both warriors came out for the second round, Muhammad again regained complete control of the fight. As Lusch kept his distance in fear of catching one of Muhammad’s vicious strikes, the worst was about to come for Lusch from The Hurricane.

After locking up and hitting the cage, the pair ended up on the ground with Muhammad scurrying to set up for what would be a lethal devastating impact to Lusch. As Muhammad settled on top over Lusch he began to rain down a furry of strikes and for every one that connected, dazing Lusch then eventually knocking Lusch out half way through the second round.

Muhammad “The Hurricane” Abdullah is now the holder of three Championship belts.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


By: Rye S. Spiteri

For those of you who may or may not know, I serve as a dedicated, loyal member on the Committee Board for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). I will be overseeing and coordinating the Health and Safety Area and Small Sponsorships Dept. for this year’s fundraiser Walk Like MADD.

Garage Muscle will be having a Walk Team for the Walk Like MADD event, each member, is not required but, asked to raise a sum of $100.00 per member.Anyone can join the Garage Muscle walk team here.

If you can't attend the walk, you can still join the team as a virtual walker and let the attendees do the walking for you.

Garage Muscle has set a team goal of $1000.00 to be raised, please help us K.O. DUI. With your donation, you’ll become a Garage Muscle team member and gain personal/corporate recognition.

Also, if you register as a business, you have the option of supplying Garage Muscle with literature and marketing materials about your company to disperse at will at the event.

***For all donations made, a receipt will be issued for tax credit via Mothers Against Drunk Driving***

This will make Michigan’s 6th Annual Walk like MADD 5K Walk. Walk like MADD is a non-competitive walk for corporations, organizations, schools and individuals to team up with MADD in “keeping our communities safe.”

We invite you to join the team to save more lives and prevent future injuries in our communities. We need your help, now, more than ever since every year nationally nearly 13,000 people are killed by drunk drivers and more than half a million people are injured in alcohol-related traffic crashes. In Michigan every year almost 6,000 people are injured and 300 people are killed in alcohol relatedtraffic crashes.

Your company, organization, family and friends have the opportunity to be a visible leader in our campaign to make our roadways safer for your customers, employees, children and families.

We are asking for a minimum donation of $25.00 to put towards our set team goal of $1000.00. Donations can be made

- Rye S. Spiteri Owner/Founder

To join the team or help Garage Muscle achieve the team goal, Click the " Make a Donation" link below. Scroll down the teams list to Garage Muscle and click on "Join Team". Complete the brief registration form and then it's official. Be sure to add your email to receive your tax credit receipt.

Make A Donation

Who: Everyone is invited to attend Walk like MADD

What: 5K (3.1 miles) non-competitive fund-raising and awareness

Walk for MADD Michigan

When: Saturday, April 2, 2011

~8:30 a.m. Opening Ceremonies ~9:00 a.m. Walk Begins

Where: Oakland Mall, 412 W. 14 Mile, Troy, MI 48083 – The

Oakland Mall is located at 14 Mile Road and John R, just

East of the I-75.

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Caged Warrior Combat Charity Venue.

By:Rye S. Spiteri, Garage Muscle LLC.

It's 2011 and it's that time of year again, for the annual charity event hosted by the Shelby Township Lions Club.

Aside from putting on explosive venues at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Joseph Donofrio and his organization stay very active with several charity fundraisers, in an effort to make a difference.

The Shelby Township Lion’s Club in association with Donofrio Ent. Will be hosting "Knock out Blindness". This special event will have Michigan’s most elite MMA amateur athletes competing. All proceeds collected for the night via tickets sales and raffles, will benefit the charities of the Lions Club.

General admission seats are $100.00, VIP seats $125.00 and Ringside seats $150.00 (Sold Out!). With each ticket purchase you will receive an elegant meal with an open bar of top shelf beverages. Each ticket purchased is automatically enrolled in a giveaway, allowing you the chance to WIN! A trip for 6 to Las Vegas, Nevada.

With Special guests like Karen Newman, Dave Rozema and others from the Detroit Red Wings, this event is going to make for a great evening.


Palazzo Grande Banquet&Event Center

54660 Van Dyke Ave.

Shelby Twp. MI 48315

For Tickets:

Joe Burke: (586) 992-1700

Palazzo Grande: (586) 731-2100

(limited Tickets Available)

For your active sponsorship participation


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Open Casting Call - Try Out for The Ultimate Fighter 14

In Play on Facebook

If you can fight and weigh 135 or 145, you could be a contestant on “The Ultimate Fighter” 14.

Following are the details:

This season, the series will be casting mixed martial artists in the featherweight (145 pounds) and bantamweight (135 pounds) divisions.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship and Spike TV will hold an open casting call.

The event will take place at The Marriott at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, N.J.

Grand Ballroom D & E
1 Hotel Road
Newark, New Jersey 07114

March 21, 2011

-Must be 21 or older to participate.

-Applicants will grapple and hit pads so dress appropriately and bring all necessary gear.

-Participants must have a professional MMA record with at least three fights.

UFC president Dana White will oversee the tryouts with executive producer Craig Piligian, producer Jamie Campione and Spike TV’s senior vice president of sports and specials Brian Diamond.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MFC 29 Conquer set for Caesars Windsor April, 8

Mike Pavelich owner and President of the Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC).
At a press conference today at Caesars, Windsor, MFC Owner/President Mark Pavelich revealed an exciting lineup of fighters from the Maximum Fighting Championship (MFC) roster that is set to enter the cage on April 8, at MFC 29: Conquer.

Also in attendance will be homegrown talent featherweight Chucky "The Energiza Bunny" Mady and unbeaten light-heavyweight Ali "The Monster" Mokdad - both of whom train under famed martial arts instructor Albert Mady. 

Chucky "The Energiza Bunny" Mady and Ali "The Monster" Mokdad will be making their organizational debuts on the undercard of MFC 29: Conquer.
Confirmed combatants (at press time) for MFC 29 Conquer are as follows.

Douglas Lima 

Douglas “The Phenom” Lima will be defending his MFC
welterweight title at MFC 29: Conquer
 Record: 16-4
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 6'1
Country: United States of America
City: Atlanta, GA
Wins: 4 (T)KO, 10 Submissions, 2 Decisions
Losses: 1TKO, 1 Submission, 2 Decisions


Kajan Johnson 
“Ragin” Kajan Johnson will be in a lightweight fight against the newly
signed Marcus“The Irish Hand Grenade” Davis.
Record  18 - 11 - 1
Weight  155lbs
Height  5'11"
Country  Canada 
City  Burns Lake, British Columbia 
Wins  4 (T)KOs
10 Submissions
4 Decisions
Losses  4 (T)KOs
3 Submissions
4 Decisions
Association  Raw Academy 

Drew Fickett
Slick submission artist Drew “Night Rider” Fickett, seen here tapping out Matt Veach at
MFC 28, will be fighting at MFC 29 in a lightweight bout.
Record  41 - 13 - 0  
Weight  155lbs
Height  5'10"
Age 32
Country  United States 
City  Tucson, Arizona 
Wins  3 (T)KOs
30 Submissions
8 Decisions
 Losses  7 (T)KOs
2 Submissions
4 Decisions
Association  Southwest MMA 

Marvin Eastman
Veteran Marvin “The Beastman” Eastman, one of the biggest power punchers in Mixed
Martial Arts, will be fighting at MFC 29.
 Record  17 - 13 - 1
Weight  207lbs
Height  5'9"
Age  40
Country  United States
City  Las Vegas, Nevada
Wins  6 (T)KOs
2 Submissions
9 Decisions
Losses  6 (T)KOs
2 Submissions
5 Decisions
Association  J-Sect MMA

 Pete Spratt
Longtime veteran and feared striker Pete "The Secret Weapon" Spratt, left, will be in a
welterweight fight at MFC 29.
 Record: 21-17-0
Weight: 169 lbs
Height: 5'9
Country: United States of America
City: Sherman, TX
Wins: 11 (T)KO, 8 Submissions, 2 Decisions
Losses: 2 (T)KO, 14 Submissions, 1 Decision

Chucky Mady 
Local Windsor fighter Chucky "The Energza Bunny" Mady will make his with MFC 29
Photo by David Clacrk In Play! Magazine
Record  4 - 2 - 0
Weight  135lbs
Height  5'7"
Country: Canada 
City: Windsor, Ontario 
Wins: 1 (T)KOs
3 Submissions
Losses: 2 (T)KOs
Association  Mady's School of Martial Arts 

Ali Mokdad
(photo unavaiable)
Record  3 - 0
Weight  210lbs
Height  6'1"
Country: Canada 
City: Windsor, Ontario 
Association  Mady's School of Martial Arts